President Message



Since the founding of Sasakura Middle East Company in 2003, we have been carrying out all of our activities following our basic management philosophy, which commits us to make a contribution through our business operations to improve the lives of people, and to the further progress of society.

Always making “people” central to our activities, and thereby focusing on “people’s lives,” we will continue to provide better living for our client & customers. This is the unchanging commitment we at Sasakura Middle East Company have had over many years. We are aiming to keep on providing “better living” everywhere, All of us at Sasakura Middle East Company will strive hard moving in this direction.

We make sure that we remain ahead in our promise to meet client demands. It needs well-timed investment to deal with growth and to optimize cost of service, which in turn calls for careful, intelligent and accurate anticipation of future demand growth. This means that effective project management is of the utmost importance to Sasakura Middle East Company.

Continuing to build our capability and capacity to manage projects within budget and planned timeframes is a constant challenge. We have a solid team working within a finely tuned project delivery framework that is tailored to Sasakura Middle East Company’s unique business requirements. This framework is adjusted when necessary as we identify improved ways of working. We make sure that we learn from our experiences. We learn every day, and one of our most important lessons is that we can never stop searching for and finding ways to keep on improving.

We in Sasakura Middle East Company resolve to fulfil the needs of our customers and meet the demand well into the future, we never lose sight of the safety of our people and everyone who works with us. Focus on safety is part of our daily work.

Water is essential element of everyone’s life. The national policy is clear: it is about freeing up and diversifying the economy, and broad-basing the ownership of almost all economic and industrial sectors, including the utility sector.

Sasakura Middle East Company is working within this policy framework to play our role as a socially responsible service provider, to fulfil the needs of our customers, and to make adequate provision for future utility demand. We are working not only to provide sustainable, reliable and cost-effective water services, but also to conserve water as a scarce and invaluable natural resource. This we do by working very carefully and economically with increasing desalination capacity and minimizing energy consumption and make our technology environmentally suitable.